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Frequently asked questions

Which phones is TYM compatible with?

TYM is currently compatible with iPhone 5, 5S and SE with iPhone 6 coming soon. We are also working on Android compatible devices.

Which speculum is TYM compatible with?

TYM is compatible with Welch Allyn speculum, both disposable and reusable, as well as adult and paediatric speculum.

Is it possible to use the otoscope without the Cupris app?

No, you won’t probably see anything if you use the iPhone camera App. It is not suitable for otoscopic imaging, as it does not automatically correct the exposure and focus settings. We have implemented some image treatment in our app to enable you to have a good and useful image of the ear drum and ear canal. Please download the Cupris app on the Apple Store. If you have any suggestions of additional features you’d like to see on the Cupris app, please let us know by emailing

I am having difficulty viewing an eardrum with TYM.

If you are having trouble seeing a clear image, please try the following steps: - Make sure TYM is securely fixed to the phone case provided. You’ll hear a click as it slides into place. - Make sure that TYM is clean, following guidelines in the instruction manual. There could be debris blocking the light source or lenses. - Clean your phone’s camera, ensuring that you follow any instructions provided by the manufacturer. - Ensure that you are using the correct examination technique as explained in the instruction manual. If you are still having trouble, please get in touch.

What is usually the lead time for delivery?

Usual delivery time is 3 to 5 working days. You’ll be provided with a tracking reference so that you can follow the delivery of your order.

I still haven’t received my order

Please follow the steps below: 1/ Look for the tracking details of your order in the shipping confirmation email received from us. 2/ Go to and use your tracking reference number to review the status of your delivery. 3/ Contact if there are any problems with the delivery. 4/ If you’re still unsatisfied with the answers you’ve received, please get in touch.

I have received a faulty/damaged product and I am unhappy with my order

Please contact us here with your order number and any relevant details. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing any issues with our devices or platform, please e-mail


Follow our 7 easy steps to ensure that your TYM iPhone otoscope is securely attached to your phone.
Proceed with your examination and experience the new way of providing healthcare.

download app

1. Download the app and register

smartphone otoscope

2. Attach TYM securely to your mobile phone

video camera

3. Take a picture or a video of the ear you want to exam


4. Review them & select the one(s) you want to keep


5. Send them to a patient folder


6. Add text, audio notes or hearing screening test

Otoscope 6.png

7. Share cases with your patients & other healthcare professionals