Healthcare providers and commissioners

nhs trusts


NHS providers and commissioners ended 2015/16 with an aggregate deficit of £1.85 billion (King’s Fund - July 2016). This is the largest aggregate deficit in NHS history. According to several publications, at least a quarter of hospital consultations could be prevented.

The NHS must redouble its efforts to improve productivity. There are significant opportunities to deliver better quality of care by maximising the time healthcare professionals spend on clinically relevant issues and reducing time spent on processes that can be automated.


efficiency is often a matter of good communication.


At Cupris, we think that communication is key for better healthcare outcomes and patient experience. 

Our solution can help to: 

  • Prevent unnecessary consultations
  • Shorten waiting lists
  • Reduce the FU/1st appointment ratio
  • Improve your QIPP ratio 
  • Improve your patients’ healthcare experience

The Cupris Health Platform improves productivity and reduces costs whilst improving quality of care. Cupris smartphone-connected medical devices provide enhanced functionality over those currently used for a much lower cost.